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Coffee: Liquid Energy

The world consumes about 10 million tonnes of coffee per year; it is the second most valuable commodity exported by developing countries; trading is worth $90 billion USD a year.

Coffee is in demand and it is part of the world culture and it will never go out of fashion. The investment being featured here allows  you the opportunity to have your share of the global coffee business. Real asset investing has some unique characteristics because these feature hard or tangible assets.


Two principal varieties of coffee are traded internationally: Arabica and Robusta. Through our research and feedback from our Vietnamese consultant, we decided to only plant Robusta as the Robusta is more productive and more in demand in the local market.



Tonnes of coffee consumed in the world per year

$90 billion USD

Traded annually

Coffee Production

Following the success of our durian pilot project and the plantation of 25 hectares of black pepper in the Province of Kratie between 2016 and 2018, Ajwa Plantation decided to diversify its portfolio of products with the production of coffee.

Since Vietnam is the second producer of coffee in the world and that it is located only 30 minutes from Mondulkiri we provided training in Vietnam to our agro-engineer. In the meantime, we spent months of research to identify the best quality land to launch our durian intercropped coffee project and we finally acquired 95 hectares of highland property in Mondulkiri.


Between 2018 and 2019, we offered this new opportunity to our existing investors in black pepper and our growing network of investors which resulted in the plantation of 18 hectares of land. By 2020, we already received orders for 27 more hectares and we expect to have 45 planted hectares in the first quarter of the year. As we are going for print for this 2020 proposal edition we have 50 more hectares available for our current and new investors.

Intercropping is a multiple cropping practice involving growing two or more ​crops​ in proximity. The most common goal of intercropping is to produce a greater yield on a given piece of land by making use of resources or ecological processes that would otherwise not be utilized by a single ​crop​.

Intercropping durian with coffee provides added value to the investors and preserves the diversity of the local ecosystem.

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