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Cambodia is a market that is rapidly developing, and is on the cusp of being transformed from a backwater economy into one that is the centerpiece of Asia. For real estate investors, one of the best times to enter a market is before it appears on the radar of mainstream and institutional investors.

As the real estate market in the capital of Cambodia (Phnom Penh) is becoming more and more saturated with lower profit margin for investors, our 95 hectares of land has appreciated by more than 50% in less than 2 years. The durian intercropped coffee project is the first investment opportunity in which Ajwa Plantation offers not only to invest in the plantation business but also in land banking business with a return on investment that is projected at 200% before the first harvest of the plantation.

In 2019, a plot of land consisting of 300 hectares and located in O’Raing district has been chosen by local authorities for the development of a domestic airport in Mondulkiri. This airport project was announced earlier this year, with authorities saying its main goal would be to facilitate travel for tourists and to turn the Northeast into one of the country’s major economic hubs. The project is already included in a master plan that is now being drafted at the ministry level. This master plan aims to act as a blueprint for the development of the tourism sector and one of its goals is to establish new tourism products in the Northeast, a region known for its ecotourism. Last year, the three international airports of Cambodia handled a combined 10.5 million passengers, a 20 percent year-on-year increase.

Airport site in
Mondulkiri, Cambodia



Firstly, you need to identify a low-point-of-entry agricultural play that’s managed by an experienced farm operator—preferably one with expertise growing the commodities specifically being produced. The farm operator (or farm manager) is critical to the success of an agricultural investment, just as a good rental manager is key to the success of a rental property investment. A capable farm operator has systems (irrigation, water storage, drainage, etc.) in place to ensure optimum production levels and eager buyers lined up ready to pay top dollar for the products.


With more than 150 hectares of rubber plantation, 25 hectares of black pepper and 20 hectares of durian intercropped plantation with coffee, Ajwa Plantation Capital has already accumulated years of experience with a significant ROI of 25% on its rubber plantations and a very promising first harvest in its durian plantation in 2019. The black pepper plantation has been very well maintained as well and its first significant harvest is expected to be in 2020. Ajwa Plantation capital has also produced its own bio fertiliser which gave great results on its rubber plantations. (Note: rubber plantations belong solely to Mr Lim’s  family and friends and has not been offered yet as an investment to our global network of investors due to scarcity of land available for this product at the moment as it requires a very large piece

of land).

Home made

bio fertilizer

Premium Product

In addition to experienced farm management, you should choose this type of investment based on the crop being grown. You want to invest in a crop that taps into a big and growing global demand. You want to feel as confident as possible that your harvest will not only find ready buyers but also will yield premium prices. Your return on investment will hinge on the level of demand for your crops at the time they are ready for harvest.


Ajwa Plantation Capital has a proven track record. We have systems in place to ensure optimal production. We are growing products with growing global demand, products that are more than simple commodities and therefore are expected to command premium prices when they come to market.

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