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The global population is expanding… yet there’s only so much arable land on earth. We’re looking at more than 9 billion people on this planet by the middle of this century, a sobering reality that is translating to a global race for farmland. The challenge for individual investors has been historically to find a realistic way to position themselves to profit from what we believe is the biggest investment opportunity of a lifetime. As we struggle to feed a global population speeding towards 9 billion, we have entered a new phase of the food crisis. Wealthy countries that import much of their food, along with private investors, are racing to buy or lease huge swaths of farmland abroad. More than 300 million hectares of farmland—an area larger than the size of Western Europe—have been sold or leased since 2001, with most of these transactions occurring since 2008

In 2016, Mr Adam Musa Lim met Mr Julien Drolon in Kuala Lumpur and together they decided to enter the global race for farmland and promote the plantation investment business of Mr Lim in Cambodia as he already started to invest with his family and friends in 16 hectares of land in the Province of Kampong Cham. Thanks to their good reputation and the good value proposition they offered to their investors they raised more than 3million US dollars of capital to invest in land and plantations. Today, Ajwa Plantation Capital counts more than 30 investors from 10 different countries (France, UK, USA, Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, India, UAE, Egypt and Lebanon) and has already secured 150 hectares of land in the Provinces of Kampong Cham, Kratie and Mondulkiri in which 30 hectares of black pepper and 20 hectares of coffee intercropped with durian, avocado and macadamia have already been planted.

In 2018, British entrepreneurs, Mr Shoayb Mussa Lambat and Mr Ismail Mussa Lambat visited the plantations of Ajwa in Cambodia and decided to make a significant investment into the company’s plantations. At the beginning of 2019, they joined the company as Directors as they share a similar passion and vision for the future of Ajwa. They believe their combined experiences and knowledge will not only add super value to the already growing and promising business of the company but also take Ajwa to new heights in the coming years.


Ajwa Plantation Capital group of Directors come with more than 40 years of experience in successful investments in emerging countries in real estate, gold, transport services, textile manufacturing, branding and marketing, food retail, wholesaling and international import and export. They firmly believe that every investor should be looking to add productive land to his/her portfolio.

30 investors from 10 different countries

The biggest investment opportunity of a lifetime

Pepper Plantations in Mondulkuri

Our Proposal

Invest in our durian intercropped with coffee plantation in the mountainous Province of Mondulkiri in Cambodia through our new intercropping strategy.

Following our research in Thailand and Vietnam we developed a planting technique that allows us to plant 100 trees of Durian intercropped with 650 trees of coffee. This technique gives us the opportunity to maximise the potential of 1 hectare of land since 1 full hectare of land of Durian encompasses 120 trees and 1 full hectare of coffee encompasses 1300 trees. 


Based on a conservative projection we can expect over 35% Return On Investment (ROI) on average per year for 30 years with a first small return for the Investors on year 3. In the first 10 years, Ajwa Plantation Capital will share 70% profit to the Investors in order to accelerate the Return On Investment process which is expected on year 7.


Investments are held as shares in a Singaporean Investment Holding Company: Green Beans Bio Pte Ltd, at the prorata of the Investment of each investors. This company owns a sister company: Green Beans Bio Ltd Cambodia to ensure that the investments are secure for all our investors. This sister company contracts the services of Ajwa Plantation Capital for the management of the plantations and the selling of its products. 

Although foreigners cannot directly own land in Cambodia, they can however, enjoy full land rights for 50 years through a lease hold agreement under the civil code of Cambodia (50% appreciation in the year 2019, in January our land was sold for $6,000 USD and it was evaluated at $8,000 USD in December 2019).


On top of offering a fully halal certified Shariah compliant Investment project to our investors we have agreements with several foundations and charities in Cambodia to distribute their 5% zakat on behalf of them to the poor and needy of Cambodia. Another 5% of Ajwa Plantation Capital own profits go to other philanthropic projects that benefit mankind. As we are putting this proposal to print, we are counting more than 30 investors from 10 different countries. We welcome you to join our project as well and we hope that our brochure will give you the necessary information to take your decision with full awareness on the potential that this project has to offer for you, your family and the Muslim community at large. 


ROI forecasted yearly on average for 30 years

Coffee Plantations in Mondulkuri


Following its award in the food and health category at the Global Islamic Economy Summit (the world’s largest and most comprehensive forum dedicated to the Islamic economy) in Dubai in November 2018. In 2019, Ajwa Plantation Capital won a second award as the “Best Islamic Investment Company” from the International Finance Magazine (a premium business and finance magazine published by UK International Finance Publications Limited).

Musa Lim, Chairman of Ajwa Plantation receiving the GIES Award 2018 in Dubai last November from the Crown Prince Ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

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