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Adam Musa Lim


In 2005, Mr Adam Musa Lim made a significant investment in a real estate project in Panama as he believes in investing in countries that are still under developed. Mr Lim has a computer engineering background from California, USA. Later on, he ventured successfully into real estate. Mr Lim has been residing in Kuala Lumpur for the past ten years and he is the owner and director of a successful transportation technology company: Amantronic Sdn Bhd. Mr Lim has also secured his Cambodian national identity and citizenship and his family has established a home in Phnom Penh. His experience with regards to durian, coffee, black pepper and rubber production is extensive as he has carefully studied the market and engaged with industry experts for several years before making significant investments in his own plantations and on behalf of Ajwa Plantation Capital investors. Under his leadership, Ajwa Plantation Capital won the Global Islamic Economy Summit Award in 2018 in Dubai in the food and health category.

Julien Drolon

Chief Executive Officer

Mr Julien Drolon has a strong experience in the production of country reports to promote new business opportunities in emerging countries. His reports were featured within prestigious newspapers and magazine such as The Economist, the New York Times Magazine and the USA Today. Following his career of international sales reporter, Mr Drolon made some successful investments in real estate and gold in the Philippines. Mr Drolon moved to Malaysia in 2013 and started to develop a passion for social entrepreneurship and got involved with several charity programs in Malaysia and around the world. Mr Drolon is the Co-Founder of Halis Media, a media production company behind the initiative of the New Muslim World Conference among other pioneering projects. His volunteer work in Malaysia and abroad has been recently recognized by the Perkim Foundation and he received a credential personally from the Prime Minister of Malaysia Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Abdul Asim

Agro-Engineer/Plantations Manager

Mr Abdul Asim is from Cambodia, he has an educational background in Agriculture and worked as Assistant Manager for Bakrie Sumatera Plantation and Mandiri Jaya Flora Companyin Indonesia. Furthermore, he had worked in the United States for Sakata Seed America Inc at the research department for a year. Sakata is a worldwide seed company that provides the hybrid seeds of vegetables all over the world. In Cambodia, he had worked as a manager for Bio Agri Co, a Japanese company engaged in the agricultural sector mainly in Cassava and Black Pepper. His last company before joining Ajwa was Virtus Green Plantation Pte. Ltd., a company specialised in palm oil  and black pepper plantation. Mr Abdul Asim Mat used to manage a team of more than 80 workers at Virtus and he has acquired more than 5 years of experience in the black pepper business in Cambodia.

Ismail Mussa Lambat

Investment Director
Mr Ismail Mussa Lambat is an Entrepreneur from the UK and based in Malaysia for around 12 years. He helms a successful Migration consultancy in Malaysia as the CEO & Senior Consultant. Mr Lambat is keen on alternative investments and has made various investments in the UK, Africa and Malaysia ranging from Textile manufacturing, Food Franchise, Ethnic foods, Property, Education and Agriculture. After spending over a decade in South East Asia, he has also spent several years in Malawi but essentially grew up in the UK. He studied Business Information Technology and used the skills for many of his ventures. Entrepreneurship is a common trait in his family and family businesses are still running since the 1940s. For the future, it’s not merely a case of making profits, but he is now serious about making a difference in society by empowering those at the forefront of social and economic change making a positive impact on poor communities and sharing profits with likeminded investors. Mr Lambat currently lives in Cape Town in South Africa.

Shoayb Mussa Lambat

Investment Director

Mr Shoayb Mussa Lambat was born in the UK to a family of entrepreneurs with experience in textile manufacturing, wholesaling, food and beverage and retail. He has also invested in gold, property, cryptos, stocks and shares. After completing his studies in Design Managment in Nottingham, UK, he owned and ran a branding agency for 10 years specialising in creative and digital solutions for UK organisations and brands. In 2013, he founded Drop of Compassion, a charity organisation based in the UK. Mr Lambat introduced innovative long term sustainable projects in Malawi (Africa) including small scale irrigation farming schemes. To date, the schemes serve approximately 40 villages totalling 100 hectares of land with agriculture and livestock. Nearly 10,000 people directly benefit and can sustain themselves with lifetime access to water, food produce through agriculture and farming, healthcare, education and a surplus income. This naturally led to an interest in Ajwa Plantations. Today he lives in Malaysia with his family where he continues to run his Branding agency and is working to create a Food Franchise.

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