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Social Impact

Ethical Business

Our company grew organically exclusively through word of mouth without using any aggressive online marketing or even a website for the first two years of our partnership. Our company policy is to carefully select our investors since the business relationship is bound to last for more than 30 years which requires the same mindset, a strong level of trust and understanding in the project. Also, because our available land inventory is extremely limited each season, we decided to keep it primarily within our circle of influence.

The majority of Ajwa Plantation’s investors who visited our plantations were very impressed and immediately understood the potential in agro-investments in Cambodia. Due to the availability of low-cost and fertile land, strong expertise from our in-house agro-engineer and our reliable workforce, Ajwa Plantation makes it possible for anyone to safely invest in a profitable plantation business.

Support and empower local farmers and their families

Community-driven projects

The perspective to also support hundreds of farmers with their families as well as participating in the economic and social development of the poor and needy in Cambodia through charity and community-driven projects were also strong factors for our first investors to come on board.

Safely invest in a profitable
plantation business

Farming families playing volleyball at our plantation site


Distribution at a Madrasah in Snuol

Renovation of Masjid in Snuol

Ajwa Plantation already employs 75 employees

Ajwa Plantation helps to create local jobs

Interested in parnering with us?

If you are interested in partnering with us, need any help or advice then please feel free to contact us. We’re here to help and answer any questions you might have.